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14 January 2007

What I did during my Christmas vacation.

Sorry for being such a crappy blogger this last week. After being exposed to every germ on the planet during that awful trip back to Germany, I have, of course, come down with a nasty cold/sore throat. It's left me with little energy for extraneous activities like blogging.

Even though it's now slightly after the fact, I guess I should catch you up on on my vacation. It was great, if only for the fact that I didn't have to cook, do laundry, go to a library, or think about school for almost two weeks.

I opened presents with the family,

took pictures of the pets doing cute things,

baked cookies,

and received many, many gifts. Like this, this, this, and this. Oh, and a set of these, too.

I also visited my uncle's new house.

Yes, it needs a little work.

Plus, I'm now officially ready for winter to be over, since I've seen snow.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the cold; try some Zicam. I have it on good authority that it works really well. I am just waiting for the flu that everyone I run into seems to have/had.
I also have a homeremedy for coughs if your cold gets that far. (I hope not.) Pam

7:41 PM


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