My madcap adventures in Germany during my year as a Fulbright Scholar.

23 December 2006


I'm going mad from boredom.

For the past twenty-four hours I have had nothing to do.

I can't re-pack my suitcase, since I already managed to defy the laws of physics and cram yet another gift into it and am afraid even opening it will ruin all my hard work.

I can't shop (see above).

I can't wrap presents.

I can't gorge myself because I decided to prudently empty out my fridge, leaving me with only a box of frozen spinach, some feta cheese and a zucchini (or rather, zucchino). A better cook than I might know what do to with that.

What I have been doing: returning all my bottles to the grocery store (almost €4 worth), uploading photos to flickr, obsessing about possibly missing my flight in Chicago, and cleaning.

(You know it must be desperate for me to resort to that.)

And I still have twelve more hours before I can leave for the airport!


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