My madcap adventures in Germany during my year as a Fulbright Scholar.

12 December 2006

more reasons why I love this city

Sorry that last post was a bit boring. To make up for it I uploaded a bunch of new photos to my flickr page. Here's a preview:

In addition to buses, taxis, subways, pedi-cabs, trams and trains, you can travel with horses.

I’ve even seen dogsleds. (Sorry, I didn’t get a photo of that.)

You can get a €150 bottle of Dom Pérignon to go with your €1,70 curry sausage.

You’ll note, you can order your Currywurst with or without intestine (Darm).

The scaffolding is second-to-none. This is a life-size image of a subway train, covering the fence behind which they’re building the new subway.

(Look for more German scaffolding on my flickr page.)

Oh, and then there’s this:

That’s a man, right?

Can you imagine the controversy something like that would cause in the U.S.?



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