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12 November 2006

Because I know you were curious

Even though Halloween is long past, I thought you'd like to know the verdict.

Although the cupcake hat pulled ahead at the last minute, I opted for the pumpkin. It's slightly less eccentric than the cupcake, and from a certain angle it looks almost normal. Orange, but normal. I also think I can get away with wearing it all fall, and it's the perfect accessory to wear to the big, fancy Thanksgiving celebration Fulbright is throwing for us.

Now, I'm not one of those knitting bloggers who painstakingly document every step of the process. When I think of a project, I just dive right in. I got up on a Wednesday morning, went to Ka De We and bought some orange yarn, and then spent the next two and a half days furiously knitting, at home, on the bus, in class. By Saturday morning it was done. The only step I did archive was the one no knitting patterns mention: the head test.

Most knitters I know do this, simply because patterns aren't perfect and every head is different. It's a convenient way to make sure you're on the right track, to gauge how much you have left, and to know when to start decreasing for the crown.

People look at you really strangely when you do this on the bus.



Blogger Shandoll said...

Could you send me one ;)

Love the hat

2:45 AM

Blogger Shad said...

Is orange as trendy a color in Germany as it is currently in the US? Because I just bought a new orange scarf - because in Wisconsin it IS already very cold (as well as dark early - but not 4:30, not for a few weeks anyway).

2:52 AM

Anonymous pg said...

Looking good...I am glad you included a picture of yer sweet self!
Will you be visiting your homeland for the holidays?

3:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait a minute-we voted, and I think 'cupcake'

5:16 AM


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