My madcap adventures in Germany during my year as a Fulbright Scholar.

09 May 2007


Every six months, like clockwork, I get bored with my surroundings and start itching for a change, but since moving to a new apartment twice a year is really not practical, I compensate by rearranging all the furniture.



Honestly, I think it was better before. I'll have to move things around to add some more privacy if I have any overnight guests, but I really needed some variety and I do like it.

In the process of moving and spring cleaning, I swept under the bed for, oh, the first time since I moved in. I didn't just find a few dust bunnies.

I found a whole damn warren:


Anonymous Rodrigo said...

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1:54 AM

Anonymous pg said...

I hope you bring that dust bunny back to the US of A when you return! It's so cute.

1:19 AM


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