My madcap adventures in Germany during my year as a Fulbright Scholar.

03 September 2006


I just got home from doing laundry...for the first time in my life. It's kind of sad, really. As it turns out, just like I always suspected, it's not that hard to do laundry. I am, however, not likely to become a fan of it any time soon, mostly due to the hassle of doing laundry here. Obviously, I don't have a washing machine in my apartment, and there aren't any in my building. I did manage to find a laundromat, but it's ten-fifteen minutes train. I just don't understand how people in my neighborhood do laundry. Also, practically everyone at the laundrymat was British, which makes me suspect that most of them are some sort of foreign exchange students. That begs the question: How do Germans do laundry? Do they really all have washing machines in their apartments? Even the students? Or is there some sort of special laundry club with a top secret location that only Germans know? Some food for thought.
More later about my trip to Dresden...


Anonymous Suzanne said...

What a sheltered/enabled life you have led. Since I don't do laundry this one we can blame on your doting father. Mom

5:04 PM

Blogger Emma said...

German students bring their laundry at the weekend to their mom!

5:47 PM


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