My madcap adventures in Germany during my year as a Fulbright Scholar.

20 August 2006

Getting Settled.

I have been here less than a week and managed to accomplish a ridiculous amount. On Tuesday after our arrival we checked into the hotel, went to the apartment, signed the lease, measured, went to the local government office to register, opened a bank account and went to Ikea and bought furniture. All of this after not having slept on the plane Monday night. Although it all worked out for us, as a general rule I wouldn't advise shopping jetlagged.
On Friday the furniture was delivered. Here you can see all the flatpacks and my mother ready with her hammer and screwdriver:

Twelve hours later it was finished:

It looks like an Ikea showroom, doesn't it?


Blogger pat said...

Hey, nice place...all it needs is a kitty, a bunch of books and magazines, a picture or 5 on the walls... Nice to see a post. Your friends stateside are thinking of you...

2:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks great; this aunt doesn't necessarily buy the part about getting a kitty though.

4:37 PM

Blogger pat said...

No cat? Perhaps a dachshund...

6:18 PM

Anonymous Suzanne said...

I loved reading and viewing the pictures you have so far. This is a great idea. I miss you. I can't believe that a kitty is poking its head out onto the French balcony. So cute. Love. Mom

2:42 PM


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