My madcap adventures in Germany during my year as a Fulbright Scholar.

25 August 2006

To the aunts who asked about pets...

I threatened to smuggle my parents' cat here in my luggage, but I was afraid he'd be traumatized. However, you can see in this photo that my mom sneaked a pug to Berlin in her luggage:

And here you can see that my neighbor has cats. I might have to steal one. I miss having a pet around.


Blogger pat said...

Whew, thanks goodness you have some plush there to keep you company.
I am sure glad you have a blog. Now, go post something on boxcar-lounge--the family needs to hear from you.

4:33 AM

Blogger Amy V. said...

Maureen, I like your blog! Sorry I didn't make it to your bon voyage party. Hope you have a great time in Berlin and I look forward to reading more.

7:59 PM

Blogger Amy V. said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:00 PM


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