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04 April 2007

Spot the error

Here, I'll give you a hint.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

"10 Euro's" what? What could 10 euros possibly own? And wasn't it originally supposed to be "euro", with no "s" in the plural form?
Who prints the German NYT?

1:17 AM

Anonymous P@ said...

The error is that the headline doesn't say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MAUREEN GALLAGHER!"

2:18 AM

Blogger Maureen said...

Officially, yes, the plural of Euro is in fact "Euro," as in that costs 3 Euro. Apparently, though, some [dumbass] native English speakers were horribly offended that Euro didn't take the traditional English "s" plural, and there is also a public policy that it should remain "Euro" in official documents but "Euros" in speech.

Personally, I think Euro sounds better, and the "s" is redundant. 10 Euro is obviously plural, so if you don't need the "s" why should you add it? Plus, I think "Euros" is a pretty stupid word; "Euro's," however, is just about unforgivable.

8:27 PM

Anonymous Fifty Cent said...

This is similar to the language used by many, many people in the US who say things like "The paper costs 25 cent." They assume the plural is found inthe number, so the word 'cent' doesn't need an 's'. I don't hear the same issue with the word 'dollar'--

1:57 AM


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