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19 March 2007

What I've really been up to lately...

I may have been a lazy blogger of late, but I compensated by being one helluva prolific knitter. (I have a huge project due in a couple weeks. I had to find some way to procrastinate.)

Just check out this January 30 photo. How many recently completed, in progress or planned knitting projects can you spot?

I count five.

Most of them are done by now.

To sum up, in the past six weeks I've made:

a hat that you've already seen,

this nifty little sock-like creation to keep my computer's AC adapter from getting scratched,

socks (Magic Stripes),

socks (Hundertwasser),

and more socks (Yarn Bee Cameo)

That colorway is called cereulean agate. Pretty, isn't it?

I also finally finished the clapotis I started back in June. I'm not overly happy with how it turned out; I mostly finished it just to have it stop weighing on my mind.



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