My madcap adventures in Germany during my year as a Fulbright Scholar.

09 June 2007


My wild Saturday night consisted of a trip to the laundromat, and I couldn't even manage to do that right.

Halfway through the machine just stopped, full of water and wet clothes, with the display blinking E07.

It then drained the water and reset, and I loaded my wet clothes into my bag and left in a huff.

Of course, the wet laundry weighed a ton (23 pounds!)...

...and dripped all down my pants on the way home.

Everyone on the bus noticed me and my bag of laundry that was soaking the floor of the bus. Luckily, no one in this town gives a damn, and I didn't get a single comment or even a second look.

Like Hänsel and Gretel I left a trail behind me...

...only instead of bread crumbs it was water droplets.

And I was forced to finish my laundry in the bath tub.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

People who don't know you/us might view this as moderately funny humor. For us, it's just another day. Save this for your autobiography, OK?


4:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew I should have got you that funny little waher I saw on the internet last fall. Pam

3:07 PM


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